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Pengwin is an interactive toy that empowers children to have a positive environmental impact.


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we are facing. A large contributor to this challenge is our current waste-disposal habits. While people generally know sorting and reducing trash can help mitigate the issue, discerning what goes where and the inconvenience of actually doing it get in the way. At home, kids emulate their parents, absorbing even small habits, good and bad. What if there a way to change these roles so that kids can influence adults as well?

Introducing Pengwin, the waddling waste warrior that’s giving trash cans a makeover. He has travelled all the way from the South Pole to help kids change how their household waste is disposed. Appealing to children’s emotions, Pengwin educates and guides kids into making eco-friendly choices at home. In the long run, Pengwin ensures that sorting trash becomes a life-long habit and results in bringing about positive change by reducing the amount of trash thrown away at home. Giving new meaning to the age-old chore of taking out the trash, Pengwin is here to help us be stalwart stewards of the environment.