A tool to document your design systems without leaving your design tool.


Design systems empower designers to create scalable products.

When considering the design of a whole product, a design system should include a collection of reusable components, patterns in user flow, content strategy, copy, tone of voice, and clear guidelines. These concepts, design decisions or rules, created around the core components are used consistently across your product to create a cohesive feel. Digital products are perhaps the most fertile ground for implementing these systems and yet it’s not often considered a priority.

Everyone knows writing documentation is the worst, but having it is the best. Despite this, documentation is often a low priority. Doction is a plugin for designers who want to document their design system and create dynamic style guides for digital products. It integrates with existing design tools, making hand-offs among designers and developers seamless. Unlike other tools, Doction helps in keeping documentation up to date with design while providing the flexibility of customizing and ease of updating documentation.