By Ashley Jang

A safe and friendly community that helps people with social anxiety make new friends.


Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is the second-most commonly diagnosed anxiety disorder in the United States. It affects approximately 15 million Americans. It is more than just shyness; it is an intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. Attending social events with strangers may be a fear for many people, but imagine what people who are suffering from this particular disorder would feel like. Existing social platforms are designed for the general population and interactions can be intimidating and difficult for people with SAD.

bundle. is a safe online community especially designed for people with SAD. It uses a unique matching system that links people with like-minded small groups based on their anxiety levels. The platform empowers users to interact through chats within the app and through group activities in real life.

Making new friends can feel overwhelming for many people with SAD, but Bundle helps make it possible, allowing users to manage their anxiety better by focusing on small group sizes with individuals who can relate to how they feel.